Bespoke engineering

Weapon:RE is capable of designing solutions for customers who require specialised engineering expertise that they themselves might not have in house.

Weapon:RE has previously designed and developed anti-piracy and watermarking solutions for numerous multinational corporations which are in use today and providing excellent protection for their intellectual property.

Weapon:RE also has created numerous toolsets in order to facilitate the development of various copy protection systems. It has developed its own tool chain that enable it and its clients to perform the complete cycle of mastering, encoding and full implementation of virtually any protection on all the major optical disc formats.

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Reverse engineering

Weapon:RE provides a complete reverse-engineering service for customers who wish to ascertain if their IP is being used without their knowledge or consent.

Weapon:RE also provides a full tear-down and break-down of any system for the legitimate purposes of interoperability and for security research purposes.

Weapon:RE has a long history and a formidable reputation in reverse-engineering and has provided these services to numerous multinationals and various government organisations over the past two decades.

All requests for our services are treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. We also commonly provide absolution clauses, naming and invention rights to clients who wish to retain any and all associated intellectual properties we develop for them. Further, Weapon:RE is able to provide expert witness testimony and evidence for use in litigation, when IP infringement has been clearly identified.

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