About Us

Principal : Mario Torbarac

Specialist in the design and development of security systems, content protection systems, signals analysis and reverse-engineering of highly secured targets.

Designed and developed a number of currently in-use commercial copy protection and anti-piracy systems. The provision of re-engineering services on pre-existing systems to counter in-field compromises.

Creator of various bespoke authentication and watermarking systems for accurate identification of integrated circuit dies and optical media for provenance.

Created numerous development systems to enable development of hardware, firmware and software for target platforms where no access to any technical documentation or information, or any development environment was available.

Accomplished in all disciplines of hardware, firmware and software engineering and reverse-engineering thereof. Proficient in secure system design and cryptographic implementations and also deconstruction and security analysis.

Master reverse engineer with over 25 years experience across all kinds of targets and under all manner of operational conditions.

Developed entire eco-systems to facilitate the compromise, infiltration, exploitation and extraction of specific code and data from secured targets.

Skilled at the analysis and deconstruction of gate level constructs, for determination of identity and function, and for determination of provenance and potential exploits.


Engineering Director : Zak Escano

Adept at all facets of design and production of software for any device. Encompassing everything from the creation of portable, extensible and maintainable high level code for cross-platform systems, to the generation of hand optimised assembly and machine code for embedded devices and firmware.

Created successful copy protection systems used in commercial video games for a variety of consoles and hand held devices. Designed and implemented protections for content and IP used in consumer devices.

Production of in-house research and development toolsets including custom disassemblers, encryption and compression handling, code generation and binary manipulation, hardware communication and other integration.

An established background in software engineering, providing a deep knowledge of systems and processes, culminating in over 15 years of reverse engineering experience.

Specialist in the reverse engineering of proprietary binary blobs back to high level source code. This includes the deduction of the unknown instruction sets on unknown processor cores, for targets where there is no identification or information available.

Well versed in cryptographic systems including their development and the identification and exploitation of them in existing systems. Facilitating the extraction of keys and the bypassing of hashes and code/data verification checks.