Bespoke Engineering

Custom security solutions

Weapon:RE has developed specialised platforms for the interception of data via main, side or back-channels; so as to facilitate the development of exploits for access to a target devices code and/or data.

We have designed systems like differential signal taps to acquire high-speed data directly from read/write heads, right through to customised power/clock manipulation devices that are leveraged to manipulate a target systems operational behavior.

We create custom tool-chains, modify hardware designs, create custom firmware and software implementations, that then allow us to provide whatever extra functionality we require on any target platform.

We have previously designed custom solutions to allow for the surreptitious exfiltration of secure data utilising unconventional side-channels. Examples of such functionality are device 'taps' that acquire imperceivable data sent across standard high bandwidth channels (such as DVI/HDMI) using very high data rates. Contact us if development (or detection) of such devices is on interest.

Other examples:

If the device or SoC manufacturer can't (or won't) help you; we can.



Weapon:RE has been engineering bespoke optical disc and anti-piracy solutions for commercial use since the early 1990's.

Our anti-piracy systems provide for effective copy prevention mechanisms, yet they still enable the secure and controlled distribution of digital content in the commercial marketplace.

We have produced customized disc and signature formats and LBR's as used for the mass production of optical discs. We have also created custom ODD writer solutions and designed and developed special disc loaders for turn-key secure content playback systems.

We have solutions for virtually all major consumer platforms and we can implement feature changes or incorporate new functions to bolster the security of functionality of existing systems.

Other examples:

If your manufacturer or OEM can't (or won't) help you to protect your IP; we can.